What’s the secret to growing your real estate business?

Well, truth be told, there’s not actually a secret at all. There are a couple things to do to be successful as a real estate agent:

1. Realize that there are only three or four things that will make your money. Find out which activities are the best in terms of creating business and making income, and then fill your calendar with those dollar-producing activities.

2. Own the fact that real estate is a contact sport. By ‘contact sport,’ I mean you’ll need to make lots of direct contact with people, even those who might not be looking to buy or sell a home. 

To master making contact with clients, there’s a specific question that I’d like to teach you to ask everyone you talk to. In every encounter with a decision-making adult, get out of your comfort zone and ask them the following question: 

“Who do you know that might be looking to buy a home, sell a home, or invest in real estate? Do you know anyone looking for a fast-paced career in real estate?” 

If you can ask that question 15 to 20 times a day or more, you will be radically successful. 


At High Performance Real Estate Advisors, we follow a very specific process to train you on how to increase your business. There are aspects of this business that you can get bogged down in if you’re not committing yourself to dollar-producing activities.

If you’re at a point where it’s a struggle and a grind just to make it through the day and you’d like to find a better way to do real estate, reach out to us or visit our website. Hope to hear from you soon!