The book “Atomic Habits” will help you grow personally and professionally.


Today I want to share a quick book recommendation with you. It’s called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and I’ve already read it four times.

When I think of success as a real estate agent, it’s all about an incremental habit stacking that has to happen. When you first get in the business, you know nothing and learn that you need to master certain habits or stop doing others to have long-term success.

An atom is a very small particle. ‘Atomic Habits’ are very small habits that can lead to huge results in your life. Whether it’s the habit of mastering new scripts or making sure you drink a gallon of water each day, these habits can lead to you having more energy and help you find your way to adopting your next good habit. If you could master just a few new habits, your business can transform over time.

“‘Atomic Habits’ are very small habits that can lead to huge results in your life.”

It’s all about an identity shift. For example, I set a goal of running a marathon, not a goal of becoming a runner. As a result, I did the marathon and swore off running forever when I was done. It was a full year before I picked up running again, and I wish I would have never stopped.

I recommend this book to everyone I know who wants to succeed in their life and career. If you want to talk about your struggles in business and how to become a better agent, we’d love to have a conversation. We have agents on our team who are earning $75,000 to $100,000+ within their first year of joining us. You can learn more here.

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