Here’s the story of how I got into this industry and why we formed our team.


Where did my journey in real estate begin? Well, I left a corporate job and got into the business back in 2007; that, of course, was just before the Great Recession. There’s no sugarcoating the fact that things were pretty gruesome for real estate back then (the end of 2008 especially), but I put my head down and succeeded in a very traditional sense. I sold 44 homes in my first full year, which was stellar production by any standard. The problem, however, is that I was working eight days a week to get those numbers. 

I worked all day, weekends, at odd, irregular hours of the night—I was all in, but I was a slave to the deal with no balance in my life whatsoever. I needed breathing room, hence the selfish motivation for starting a real estate team. Beyond that, though, I knew that I was good at generating leads and implementing systems to streamline processes and make the job smoother; I realized my systems could also improve the productivity and reduce the stress of agents I brought on to work with me. 

On a team, new agents could achieve phenomenal production without sacrificing their lifestyle and sanity (right now, we have agents selling 30 to 40 homes in their first year). Once I had my heart set on the team model, I brought on my first administrator and soon after hired several showing agents. I continued building to the point where I could step out of the production circle and allow my team to do all of the production. 

“You have the power to achieve the balance you’ve been craving.”

That’s the philosophy behind High Performance Real Estate Advisors; we allow agents to their 20%, the thing they’re really good at and will earn the most money possible, and then we supplement that with amazing technology, administrative support, leads, culture, cadence, leadership, and accountability. We give you all the ingredients you need to be successful so you can sell more homes in less time without loads of stress. 

If you’re at a point in your real estate career where you realize the trade-off between your high production and your lifestyle, family time, or mental health simply isn’t worth it, contact us today. I invite you to visit or reach out via phone or email. 

There’s more to life than real estate, so don’t let this industry take everything from you; you have the power to achieve the balance you’ve been craving. I hope you found this message encouraging. If you have any questions, I’m never too busy to have a meaningful chat!